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Award for Best Municipal Website

21-22nd January, 2016

19th National Conference on e-Governance - Category - Incremental Innovations in existing projects

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Interconnecting Gujarat over WAN
Ensuring improved productivity and communications over a secured and managed wide area network
Geared for Voice,Video & Data
Covering 196 thousand square kilometers and serving around 48 million users across the state of Gujarat
Reliable Web Hosting Solutions
World-class infrastructure to facilitate secured web hosting and server co-location for Government of Gujarat
Web Casting

Need to broadcast an event or conduct a online training? Call on Phone No: +91 79 2325 6600
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Gujarat State Wide Area Network (GSWAN)

GSWAN which is known as a Gujarat State Wide Area Network (GSWAN) is an advanced communication infrastructure and now-a-days extensively used for exchange of Data, Voice & Video information between two or more locations, separated by significant geographical distances.

The primary motivating factor for GSWAN is for the modernization of the intra-governmental communication setup that would improve administrative effectiveness and efficiency and to bring reliability and accountability in overall system of Government-to-Government (G2G) functioning.

Web Hosting ServicesThe Government of Gujarat has created a server farm facility capable of hosting multiple web sites. DST has subscribed 90 MBPS dedicated internet bandwidth connected to the campus area network. Following are the access mechanism for website management:
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Video Conferencing RequestVideo conferencing facility has been established to enable officer to visually communicate to all officials in Secretariat and any Departments District level officials instantly. Facilities have been created to provide video conferencing services, connecting State HQ to all the Districts.
Need assistance with technical issue?
Call on Phone No: +91 79 2325 6600
Govt. of Gujarat Websites The Government of Gujarat has come up with the individual websites of Gujarat Government, various departments and public sector units.