Currently 13,685 Village Panchayats better known as have been equipped to provide the e-services through VSAT Broadband connected PCs (along with Printer ,UPS, Web Cam, VoIP Phone) . All systems are protected with Anti Virus Tool. eGram VSAT Network which is also known as PAWAN Network is Asia’s Largest Public Domain Network. Following are key attributes of this network :

Category Availability for Bandwidth Available Total (in Mbps)
Data 1300 Concurrent User 16 Kbps burstable up to 256 Kbps/site 22 Mbps
VoIP 200 Concurrent User 16 Kbps/site 3.2 Mbps
Video Conference 35 Channel(70 Users) 384 Kbps/Channel 13.5 Mbps
Video Broadcast Channel 1 Channel 4 Mbps 4 Mbps

These eGram Centers are established in Gram Panchayat level and manned by Village Computer Entrepreneur (VCE) on PPP Model and to support them Technical Support and Training Service Provider Team (TSTSP) deployed at eGram , Taluka , District and State level with total support strength of 575 IT Professionals.

VCE is giving eServices broadly divided in two category :

Offered G2C Services

  • Birth & Death Certificate
  • Caste & Income Certificate
  • Tax Collection Receipts
  • Land Right Records Services (RoR- 7/12 & 8A)
  • Application Forms of various development Schemes through
  • ITI Application Form
  • Data Entry work for Government Departments like Health , Sports ,Gram Sabha ,Vanbandhu etc
  • Electricity Bill Collection Work
  • E Ration Card Coupon – 207 eGram Centers as Pilot

B2C services rolled out by VCE through entrepreneurship model

  • e-Ticketing of Railways, Airlines
  • Utility Bill payments (Telephone, Mobile, DTH etc)
  • DTP work
  • All eGram are having their own eGram Mail IDs including Group Mail Ids and Digital News Letter is also published on website and soon with the help of Gujarat Portal all department forms will be available from eGram.
  • At present State, District Officials are conducting regular video conference with eGram centers every day. Per month 2 such video conference and minimum by two districts per day basis.
  • All the important telecast relayed through BiSAG is linked with PAWAN Channel and also information Department , WASMO, Health Department VCD relayed from time to time basis , Yearly Broadcast calendar also issued at website.

Services Roll Out Status Report

  • 13685 eGram CSC Centers are right now having bill collection facility as of now and total Collection of Light Bills is as follows :

    Year Total Bills Collected Amount Collected (In Rs. Lacs) eGram Income (per Bill Rs 7/-)
    2011-12 (upto Jan 2012) 4449412 27500.08 Rs. 3,11,45884/-
    2010-11 5396664 29146.20 Rs.3,77,76648/-
    Grand Total 9846076 56646.28 Rs.6,89,22532/-

  • 13685 eGram CSC Centers are right now having Rights of Record (Land Rights) facility as of now
  • In Khelmahakumbh 2011-Sports person registration process was started through eGram and approximate 17.61 Lacs registration happened and per registration charges taken by VCE was Rs 7/- , Total income earned Rs 2.19 Cr by eGram CSC Centers.
  • Pilot project of eRation Card (PDS System) is started in 207 eGram and e-coupon issued so far are 1478018 worth Rs 4434054/- only by VCE since April 2011.
  • VCEs start working as Direct Selling Agent of BSNL to sell BSNL Products from eGram CSC Centers.
  • Data Entry for Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojna by VCEs and total 84067 data record captured in Tribal area.
  • VCEs can now Rolls out of Learning Licensee Registration Process of RTO through eGram .
  • First Year Technical admission (B.Tech/Pharmacy/ITI) from eGram Centers for student’s benefit
  • Gram Swagat Program Data Entry by VCEs.
  • Through OJAS application , now rural citizen can also apply for Job from village itself.
  • In the year 2009-10, VCEs did data entry of 1.10 Crore rural school health data entry from eGram.

Capacity Building Program

In the eGram CSC Project , capacity building program is continuous part of activity . Under this two method used :
  • Taluka Level Executive of TSTSP team is giving continuous training support to VCEs in their regular monthly visit at eGram Level.
  • eGram Connectivity Infrastructure is having unique dedicated facility of training through PAWAN Channel (Bandwidth Provision – 4 Mbps) where continuous program broadcasted through it , following is sample list of program :-
    • Feel Gujarat Visit Gujarat
    • Operation Savdhan
    • Online Ration Card Training for VCEs
    • Khushboo Gujarat Ki -Gir
    • RTO Learning Licensee Training for VCEs
    • Khushboo Gujarat Ki -Somnath
    • e-Poster
    • BSNL DSA Training Course

Future Planned Services to be Rolled Out

  • Appointment of VCEs as Business Correspondent of SBI as part of Financial Inclusion.
  • Starting of PAN Card service through eGram.
  • Starting of Intel Basic Course at eGram Center as part of Digital Literacy to rural people by VCEs in lines of MoU signed between CSC eGov Organization and ILFS.
  • Starting of Skill Development Course Enrollment Activity at eGram Center by VCEs in lines of MoU signed between CSC eGov Organization and ILFS.
  • Ministry of Information and Telecommunication, Government of India recoganized eGram as eGram CSC Center from 4th Feb 2010 and in compliance of that we have already installed 12161 OMT SMART Tool.